“Journey” is a word that is used often in the story of country singer-songwriter duo Belles & Whistles. The journey of Jaymie Jones Schilken leaving the comfort of successful sibling pop vocal group Mulberry Lane to pursue her growing need to write personal songs in her own voice. Daughter Kelliʼs journey to decide as a teenager to not only follow in her mother’s footsteps, but a desire to join her and contribute a second voice and unique perspective.

Together, Belles & Whistles has accomplished much in a short time. The duo has played for audiences all over the country at fairs, festivals, clubs and radio shows. Jaymie & Kelli have been heard on over 70 radio stations, 1,800 retail outlets and are being streamed on CMT.com, GACTV.com and ZUUS Country. They are excited that their fans are able to have access to them and their songs, and they are dedicated to continuing to work hard to bring fresh shows and new material to them.

“…I had no idea what to expect, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see and hear this mother/daughter act … I think the crowd appreciated Belles & Whistles as much as I did.”

Kenny Rogers, 2014 Kentucky State Fair
(Belles & Whistles received a standing ovation for their opening set)

“In this era of over-electrified and over-simplified country music, Belles & Whistles provide a breath of freshness this format needs. Hip enough to be played by today’s hot, new country stations and yet pure and thoughtful enough for traditionalists, as well. It’s been almost 30 years since country music has had a strong mother/daughter duo, but thanks to Belles and Whistles, that is all about to change.”

Mike Thomas, Program Director KWRE/KFAV Radio

Belles & Whistles enjoys connecting to audiences with their personal lyrics, strong harmonies and genuine performances. Belles & Whistles has played with Kenny Rogers, Brett Eldredge, Jerrod Niemann, Scotty McCreery, Glorianna and many more. The work ethic and drive of these two women is infectious, as the audience shares in their onstage chemistry and their joy in performing.

Neither Kelli nor Jaymie is willing to limit the scope and subject matter of their songwriting. Belles & Whistles speaks to personal relationships, patriotism and heroes, strength and perseverance and much more. Those special moments of being a teenager, “Boy Like You,” the musings of a mother, “There You Go,” and the observations of two women weaving across the country working, performing and recording are very much a part of their songs. Belles & Whistles’ new single “Princess” is heartfelt introspection, as a daughterʼs own personal journey to maturity has her questioning her status in her mothers eyes if “she knew everything.” The duo has been thrilled with the reaction of long-time fans. Belles & Whistles is looking forward to featuring “Princess” on tour this summer and having their fans request it on country radio.

“The natural harmonies between mother and daughter give Belles & Whistles a unique, infectious sound that really stands out in the current country landscape.”

Erik Johnson, Program Director, KXKT, KFFF, KISO

“Thank you for the great job Belles & Whistles did at the 2013 Country Stampede. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and great music you brought to our main stage. You were great to work with and the fans loved you. Best wishes for continued success!”

Wayne Rouse, Country Stampede LLC, President/General Manager

What inspired “Princess”? Kelli says, “I just graduated from high school. While in school last semester, I started working on this song idea about how many of my friends kept secrets from their parents. In between the football games or studying for tests, we are dealing with some very real life issues. When I wrote this song, I wanted to write it broad enough to include many issues: being sexually active, accidental pregnancies, drug or alcohol abuse, fear of coming out, and more. Luckily, and maybe it’s because I spend so much time on the road with my mom, we have a really close relationship. At a writing session, when I read her the lyric ideas for this song, she thought it had a great message.”

Jaymie says, “It made my heart hurt to know that many kids are struggling with such heavy issues by themselves. I think many moms feel we would help our kids in any way we can, even if they feel they might be disappointing us.” Soon after, Jaymie and Kelli sat down with fellow Nebraska songwriter, Daniel Christian, and “Princess” was born.

Kelli adds, “A lot of kids feel pressure to be perfect, but nobody is, and everyone growing up goes through a lot of struggles.” They hope their song opens up a dialogue between teens and their parents about things that may be hard to talk about.

“Belles & Whistles went above and beyond what we expected from them. They nailed their sets and provided our crowds with a tremendous show. When we needed them most they were true rock stars.”

David Fudge, Executive Director NEBRASKAland DAYS

“Belles & Whistles played the Georgia National Fair in 2014 and it was very well received! In addition to being an absolute pleasure to work with, Belles & Whistles drew excellent crowds at all of their shows!
I would highly recommend them.”
Ashley D. Brown, CFE/Entertainment Coordinator, Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

Belles & Whistles continues their consistent recording and touring schedule through 2014 and into 2015 making stops at state and county fairs, festivals, clubs, studios and songwriting sessions. A desire to pursue this dream together with Jaymie full time found Kelli graduating from high school a year early. Belles & Whistles is building on recent successes to bring high-energy country rock, soul-stirring ballads with harmonies that can only come from family and some surprises from the always evolving duo. Fans can expect something bigger than two voices in harmony from Belles & Whistles, and when Jaymie and Kelli leave the stage holding hands and move onto the next step of the journey, they are very happy to have you along.

“Big out-front blood harmonies are their calling card, and each word of the chorus is in harmony so that it takes on a life of its own; they have found their sound, a lovely Everly Brothers-meet-The Bangles sound.”


“This is worth a spin for anyone who favors sharply crafted radio pop that range from the Everly Brothers’ tight harmonies to Tom Petty’s AOR rock to Taylor Swift’s ‘tween anthems to Sarah Jarosz’s recent pop inflections.”



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